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Cherryblossom- Daddys Scarf by Ranting-Rhino Cherryblossom- Daddys Scarf :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 2 0 Powerless(vent) by Ranting-Rhino Powerless(vent) :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 2 10 are you sure thats water- by Ranting-Rhino are you sure thats water- :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 1 0 welp.. she broke me XD by Ranting-Rhino welp.. she broke me XD :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 1 2 late birthday gift for Loulou by Ranting-Rhino late birthday gift for Loulou :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 3 2
I'll show you fear -part3
They wont have her. They can't have her. I will make sure of it.
She is mine and only mine. And once i have her..
I'm Never letting her go.
A tall male walked down the pavement quietly. Heading towards the apartment complex, where his little angel was hiding, while along the way he eradicated of anyone he view as a threat to the girl.
With this clear as day goal in mind. Nothing could or would stop him.
And if anyone so much as tries to. Well.. lets just say that they would not see the light of tomorrow. They would draw their last breath.
The apartment slowly came into view causing the tall stalker to grin manically. Oh this would be tons of fun.
Creeping closer he went up to the same window he visited the night before.
Peeping in he was greeted with the sight of the blonde girl sleeping innocently in her bed, unaware of him staring at her.
"one day my angel.. one day you will be mine."
:iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 3 0
Mature content
I'll show you fear -part2 :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 1 0
I'll show you fear -part 1
Walking down the streets late at night, hands in the pockets of a thick jacket blonde hair flowing in the cold winter wind behind me, i walked briskly to my house not wanting to be out any longer.
Since i started my jog I've been feeling like i wasn't alone, like i was being watched, and it made me feel violently uncomfortable. +
Now i want to note i am a 17 yearold female and 5'2, so if someone was following me and grabed me i would most likely not escape, i lived alone in a small 1 room apartment in..well.. Not the best part of town.
Not the worst but not the best.
And although it was just a feeling.
I hope to god i wasn't being followed.
:iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 3 4
Mature content
I'll show you fear- intro info :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 3 2
one year by Ranting-Rhino one year :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 8 22 DA mascot Ranting-rhino by Ranting-Rhino DA mascot Ranting-rhino :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 6 0 vent art -what hose through my mind most the time by Ranting-Rhino vent art -what hose through my mind most the time :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 5 13 haruki hibiki -naruto oc by Ranting-Rhino haruki hibiki -naruto oc :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 5 6 classicfellwolf NSFW by Ranting-Rhino
Mature content
classicfellwolf NSFW :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 6 2
dancefell wolfie by Ranting-Rhino dancefell wolfie :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 6 0 Take a picture. Fell wolfie by Ranting-Rhino
Mature content
Take a picture. Fell wolfie :iconranting-rhino:Ranting-Rhino 3 0



help them. just... give them some love.. PLEASE 
Cherryblossom- Daddys Scarf
so my mlp oc, delia the denity (forest / nature god) fell in love with a mortal, peppermint rush, a shy and soft spoken unicorn, delia had a baby with him, but she was pregnant for longer due to her being a god (my own head cannon)
peppermint was killed but some other mortals, as he didnt live in the safest area. he ended up crawling to delia's forest and died in her arms, 

years late little cherry blossom was born, 
she was a unicorn like her dad but had both their looks, so she gave the baby her dad's scarf, that she will wear for the rest of her life.

i used a base, all credit to the original creator.….

i did a speed paint of my oc delia and her mortal lover peppermint rush's filly, cherry blossom


Ranting-Rhino's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
my profile pic was done by broke fangirl, she drew it for me as a gif, of me hugging my faveorite digimon gaomon <3

hi I'm rhino, I'm also known as wolfie on my other sites, here is some info
name: Paris
nicknames: wolfie, puppy, pet, rhino, Momma Wolfie, sweetie, sweetpea
gender: female
height: around 5'3/5'5
sexual orientation: bisexual is my girlfriend
we've been girlfriends for 1 year^_^
games I like: undertale, the walking dead,fable3,left4dead 1 and 2, Bioshock 2 and more
likes: I like gaming, reading, writing, drawing and roleplaying, apples, candy, FOOD, milk.
dislikes: being COMPLETLY alone, being hated, no power, no internet, myself

a little about me: I'm generally a happy and jokey person, but I am full of self-hate, I also get sad a lot and edgy.
I get angry really easily and snap at those I love but I don't mean it,

my YouTube channel is called The-ranting-rhino and I have a second called
crazed fangirling wolf

I do commissions, requests, gifts, collabs, ectra.
don't be afraid to ask ^_^

anime senpais/crushs:
yusei fudo(yu gi oh 5DS)
count(pet shop of horrors)
eren(attack on titan)
ganta(dead man wonderland)
kaour(ouran high school host club)
dipper(gravity falls)
natsu(fairy tail)
naruto(naruto( XD))
kuma/ nine tailed fox (naruto)
jumpy ghost face(hero108)
many more

game senpais/crushs
sans (all sans) (undertale)
bonnie the bunny(fnaf)
Leon(resident evil)
many more

real life senpais/idles:
pretty n pink girl
geeky girl heather
IDK Y Hannah
Rayman gamer

(the main ones)


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i want to help a user as they are having a bad time right now but i have nothing to give so lets see if we can raise some

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game or anime charters
you can ask me to draw one of your favourite anime or game charters, but you will need to link me to some information about them and what they look like, i will also only be able to draw them from their heads to their chest/shoulders


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